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[Tiffany glanced around the car she's just appeared in, quickly scanning the surrounding area.

She appeared to be in one of those "cars" , she wasn't wearing her normal clothes or hat and ....there was someone next to her.

It also appeared that the door wouldn't open.]


[She turned back to look at the boy next to her]

I think we're stuck.
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[Tiffany Aching is currently going to visit Nanny Ogg. She's carrying a basket that has some homemade cheese in it,  as well as her note book. Family, feel free to catch her before she leaves the house. Anyone else she will be walking down the street, pointed hat and all. Nanny, she brought you some cheese.]
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[Filtered to Susan]

Do you know a man named Mr. Teatime?
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[As a witch Tiffany has been through far more then normal girls her age should have to go through. However when she wakes up this morning, things flood back to her. Memories of being dragged out of the apartment with England. Seeing Al and the others and watching them get killed in cold blood, knowing that she was going to be next and that there was nothing she could do about it....

She doesn't feel much like a witch. She feels like a small child. A small child that realizes that they're back in Mayfield and soon she's running out of her room to check on her family.]

[After a while she'll go back to the phone. More composed then she was before]

.....I trust everyone made it back alright?
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Does anyone know how to refit a toilet?

Apparently that's my new job here.
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[Tiifany Aching is a witch. She knows she shouldn't let her emotions control her. But it's hard not to as she sits in the park looking down at the Feegle who seems to think he's a dog now. She's already tried yelling at him and now is just sitting there quietly.

She's in a bit of a shock and will sit like this for a long time. A very long time. Family you may have to come looking for her.]
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Has anyone noticed if fathers day is going the same way as mothers day?

[Action for England also has a gift for him]

Happy Fathers Day
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[Filtered to Alphonse.]

I'm going to try and get in touch with Lucy Smith if you want to come over.

[Filtered to the Smith house.]

Hello, may I speak with Lucy Smith please?
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[Tiffany is looking at a box in her lap. She got it in the mail and she is opening it with some nervousness.

She knows what it is. It's her box of keepsakes. The one she'd brought with her from her home when she was travelling away to live with other witches. All of the things that were valuable in some way to her, and only her. 

She can be found in the room, just going through the contents. Trying not to let her homesickness get the better of her.]
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[Tiffany takes a deep breath before picking up the phone. She isn't sure if this will help but with all the choas she feels they need a little order. She wishes Germany were still here and most of all she wishes England and Sealand were too.]

Hello? I'm sorry to interupt everyone's panicking but I think it might be best if we tried to get organized.

I'm creating a list of the missing people and if you know anyone who is trapped in the other town it would be a great help if you told me.

Thank you.

Missing People )

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[Filtered to house residents.]

I have to tell you something. It's a bit important but nothing to worry about.
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What is this dance thing everyone's talking about now. I didn't think we had any lords here to throw balls.

[And she's not even going to ask about Morris dances....bad memories.]
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[England has given her an idea and so there is another sign set up outside the house with a sign that reads

Tiffany Aching: Witch
-Disputes settled
-Help with problems
-General witching

Fresh Cheese for sale

Tiffany is sitting on the lawn with her pointed hat on as she reads a book. It appears to be a history text book and she's making notes in a notebook to the side.]
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[Maybe it's from living with Sophie for so long but Tiffany is cleaning. More specifically, she is trying to clean the blood. It's not going well. She may have some tears on her face. She may be a witch but she is only 13]

....I can't believe all this.

Why her?
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[If you are walking by 1670 Nelson street you'll see a strange sight. There is a small girl with a witches pointed hat sitting on the grass. She is wearing some large sensible boots that seem out of place with her normal outfit.

Oh and she also appears to be dead.
However if you look closer you can see a sign clutched in her hands that reads

I am not dead!
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[Tiffany is all grown up at age 23. She's married to Alphonse Elric now, and works as a teacher]

Well another year another Christmas. England, Sophie I'll be coming by with your presents soon. And anyone one else I got gifts for. I'm sorry if they're a bit odd. [Aka: she made a few of them herself. Embriodery FTW]

[filtered to Al]
Al, do we have any plans with your family this year? I think England and Sophie would like us to come over at least once. ....I'll try to keep England from acting up.
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What exactly is Christmas? It sounds a bit like Hogswatch but I don't think they're quite the same.
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[Tiffany had been home when she recieved the strange package in the mail. Wondering who was sending her anything here and the sight interest in the post in general (you tended not to get much mail in the Chalk) she opened the package very carefully. This turned out to be a good thing as she would have dropped it if she hadn't done this.]

I take that's quite normal to recieve "things" from home, in the post around here?

[If anyone see's Tiffany, she is now wearing a neclace that looks like This ]
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Well at least I'm thinking clearly now. 

[She's holding onto the telephone, it seems the best thing to get her message across]

Has anyone seen a large group of small blue men around?

They're very noisy and are probably stealing something, drinking or fighting. Or a combination of all three.


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