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Tiffany has the ability to hear spill words.

Spill words are the things people "just" keep themselves from saying. Like it's on the tip of their tongue but they stop themselves because they know they shouldn't say it.

She doesn't always hear them. So feel free to ignore this. But if you want you can add spill words in your conversations with her.
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Your Name: Katie
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Characters Played at Ataraxion: Chell [Redacted] , Death (Discworld), Ai Enma

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[She found Sophie smile a little too fixed on then normal. Which while odd, wasn't utterly disturbing. After all droning's happened. Still she looked for her things just to make sure.

.....they were gone.

Oh. ....she knew it was always a possibility. But Sophie had always been here. She'd been here before Tiffany arrived and she'd never left. Knowing what she has to do. Tiffany steels herself and reminds herself that she is a witch. She's calm when she gets to the phone. At least she appears to sound calm.]


Sophie Jenkins, is gone now. Her belongings are gone, I've checked.

I thought people should know.

[And with that she hangs up. You can call back or find her...

A. At home, sitting in her room with her knee's drawn up. Family the door is unlocked.

B. In the park, walking after a rolling piece of cheese that seems to wearing Tartan. It seems to be attempting to to chase squirrels.

C. In the library, at a table with a stack of books to flip through. She isn't really paying attention to them.]

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[Tiffany is tired. No, worse. She's not tired, at least not properly tired. Properly tired was spending two days on your feet without sleep. It was helping a new mother give birth to twins. It was when you spent your time on something that made the sheer exhaustion feel like an accomplishment rather then a weakness. No she wasn't tired. Not really.

But she was worried. And she dreams of eyeless things, angry music and gingerbread houses in the woods. And she decides since she's a witch she's going to have to do something about all this. Or a few things.

A. Housemates: Tiffany is sitting on the living room floor while she goes through the small wooden box of her small things from home.

B. Tiffany is walking down the street with a broomstick floating in the air behind her. She's holding onto it by a string as she walks along.

C. Susan, people at Susan's house. There is a witch knocking on the door.

D. There is a girl and a broom on a hill. While that might be a little odd, the strange thing is that she's flying. Rather low to the ground but still flying. It helps her think.

ooc: Tiffany is now able to hear spill words.]
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 [Tiffany is actually well versed with things trying to take over her mind. And with her second, third and fourth thoughts, she's fighting yet another battle in her head.


Alright. I know it's been said all day now by other panicked people. But it bears repeating. This is NOT our home. If you remember anything about your real home, quickly write it down on a piece of paper before you forget. 

Read that piece of paper, do whatever you can to remember your real home.  No matter what memories that you think you have about this place. Remember all the horrible things we've been through here. Go for a walk near the edge of the town. 
[She has to pause as she remembers going for a walk with Sophie and England as a little girl. This one needs even her fourth thoughts to bring her back to reality.]

....just remember this isn't your real home....
And....does anyone have anything for a headache?

iffany is sitting the on lawn of the house. She has a strange sentient cheese wheel in her lap trying to get her attention. Tiffany however doesn't seem to be moving much. In fact she seems to be in a trancelike...death like state.. 
There's a sign on her that reads. 
I am not dead] 
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 [Well another year, another fathers day. Tiffany left her gift for England on the kitchen table for whenever he came down. It was wrapped in a small box with a card next to it.

After that she goes to do some chores. Pretty much nothing has changed. Oh, well she felt a little more compelled to be happy and loving. Her thoughts liked to point that out. 

You can find her

A. Inside her house sweeping the floor.

B. 1670 Nelson street, outside her house watering some flowers. 

ooc: Fell free to come and bother her...]
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[There is a teenage girl knocking at your door. Yes your door.....unless you are Teatime. She's wearing a witches hat and carrying a bag in her hands.]

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 [Tiffany really should have known better.

She really should have. However sometimes you have to take a risk. At least she didn't lose a limb.  You can find Tiffany either, 

A: Walking back from the post office with something that looks like this
in her arms.

B. Later that day, running after the same cheese. Which is rolling away. It also seems to be holding silverware somehow. There is a witch with a frying pan running after it with a frying pan.]

Come back here you thieven' scunner!

[C. Just for Housemates Tiffany is looking at the phone for a while before picking it up. There is a thing of blue cheese rolling around upstairs. 

Filtered to Hitler.]

It would probably be a good idea to talk about that date we had...
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 [Tiffany Aching, teenage witch of the Chalk has gotten two things back from the town. One of them is rather obvious.

Her broom. Which is why you can.

A. See a figure in a pointy hat flying high into the sky and around the town. It's been far too long since she's been able to escape like this...which is probably why...

B. Landing rather clumsily in front of you. She straightens her witches hat as she steadies herself.]

Sorry about that. I'm a little out of practise.

[And for anyone who's interested in her other regain.

C. Tiffany Aching is standing off to the side. Somewhere, a street, her house. She's holding her head and muttering under her breath. You might be able to catch some of what she's saying.]

I told you, for the last time. Stop it! 
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 [The phone is knocked off the hook as Tiffany takes a step backwards from the sight. You can hear her voice and it is strained and more shaken then it normally would be]

I am a witch and I do not scare this easily...

I am a witch and I do not scare this easily....

[She seems to be trying to convince herself of this fact. Family feel free to notice that there is a rotting corpse under the tree. It is an old woman dressed as a witch. Tiffany is staring at it in horror. It's Granny Weatherwax.]
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 [You know what shouldn't try to attack you? Roasted Turkey's, Tiffany was quite positive of this fact. Which is why she's rather irritated when the one delivered to her house jumps to life. 

She kills it quickly enough with a frying pan. Family. Feel free to walk in at any point of the drama.]

It's probably much too late. But watch out for the turkey being delivered. Mine at least was trying to attack me.

They're not particularly hard to kill though. I recommend a frying pan instead of a knife. Blunt force trauma works wonders and you don't have to get in as close. 
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Private to household. )
[Phone call. Tiffany sounds a bit older now to anyone who knew her.]

Well that was a nice three years away from this place. Though I've been told it's only been a day here....time certainly works oddly in this place.

No matter. For those who didn't know me, I am Tiffany Aching, witch of the Chalk. I'm not sure if anyone knows what a witch from the Discworld does but I thought I'd offer my services up anyway since I'm going to have a great deal more free time here.
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 [Tiffany is dressed as...well she's not really sure. Apparently someone from one of England's books. Alice maybe.]

So who are we supposed to be again?
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[Flitered from drones/Grady/etc]

Considering the recent events I believe we should prepare ourselves. I don't know who was here the last time the town decided to punish us, after the riots. But if you remember, people were killed and we were told it was commited by other people among us.

They wanted to divide us and I wouldn't be surprised if they try to do that again. Not the exact same thing as before but something to make us doubt each other. Please keep that in mind for the future.
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[Tiffany is having a rough month. She thought things were getting better now that Sophie was back but then Al was droned and then his brother and now....You can find Tiffany in a few places.

A. Coming out of Nanny's house, looking withdrawn and slightly miserable.

B. At home, in her room, door closed and locked./England is the worlds greatest role model on how to deal with emotional problems.

C. Walking through the town with her school books. She's quiet and you might just walk into her. She's rather hard to see at the moment.]

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[Tiffany is currently sitting on her bed with a few books open around her. This worlds idea of school was rather strange. True she didn't know what her own worlds version of school was like either as there hadn't been one in the Chalk but she was guessing it didn't involve learning as many pointless things and answering stupid questions. And if it did, she was glad she hadn't gone.

But is was something to do and she'd rather avoid Sophie as watching the woman act like a drone was rather heart wrenching.]


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