witchofthechalk: (fryingpan)
 [Tiffany really should have known better.

She really should have. However sometimes you have to take a risk. At least she didn't lose a limb.  You can find Tiffany either, 

A: Walking back from the post office with something that looks like this
in her arms.

B. Later that day, running after the same cheese. Which is rolling away. It also seems to be holding silverware somehow. There is a witch with a frying pan running after it with a frying pan.]

Come back here you thieven' scunner!

[C. Just for Housemates Tiffany is looking at the phone for a while before picking it up. There is a thing of blue cheese rolling around upstairs. 

Filtered to Hitler.]

It would probably be a good idea to talk about that date we had...