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[Flitered from drones/Grady/etc]

Considering the recent events I believe we should prepare ourselves. I don't know who was here the last time the town decided to punish us, after the riots. But if you remember, people were killed and we were told it was commited by other people among us.

They wanted to divide us and I wouldn't be surprised if they try to do that again. Not the exact same thing as before but something to make us doubt each other. Please keep that in mind for the future.
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[Tiffany takes a deep breath before picking up the phone. She isn't sure if this will help but with all the choas she feels they need a little order. She wishes Germany were still here and most of all she wishes England and Sealand were too.]

Hello? I'm sorry to interupt everyone's panicking but I think it might be best if we tried to get organized.

I'm creating a list of the missing people and if you know anyone who is trapped in the other town it would be a great help if you told me.

Thank you.

Missing People )