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Well at least I'm thinking clearly now. 

[She's holding onto the telephone, it seems the best thing to get her message across]

Has anyone seen a large group of small blue men around?

They're very noisy and are probably stealing something, drinking or fighting. Or a combination of all three.
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[Waking up in a strange house, Tiffany’s first thoughts were that she was dreaming, of course then she realized that dreams didn’t quite have the same quality of what she was feeling and more importantly something felt...fuzzy?. She decided the only thing to do was to go exploring the strange building she had appeared in.]

Hello? Is anyone there? .....Feegles?

[A moment later she’s stopped and standing in the middle of a room with her arms folded.]

Feegles! Come out here this instant! Feegles...

[She trailed off as she scaned the room, something is wrong. She just feels....empty?]

See me

[A few long seconds later]

See me

[She has to resist from stomping her feet in frustration, why isn’t her magic working and more importantly where have the feegles gone off to? They were always somewhere around. She tried once more, folding her arms and this time tapping her foot for good measure.]

I warn you, if this is a joke of some sort. I want an explanation!

[She waited a few more minutes before realizing that she still couldn’t hear any of them. She was just going to have to figure out what had happened herself. First things first, locate a frying pan]