witchofthechalk: (Remembering Granny)
[She found Sophie smile a little too fixed on then normal. Which while odd, wasn't utterly disturbing. After all droning's happened. Still she looked for her things just to make sure.

.....they were gone.

Oh. ....she knew it was always a possibility. But Sophie had always been here. She'd been here before Tiffany arrived and she'd never left. Knowing what she has to do. Tiffany steels herself and reminds herself that she is a witch. She's calm when she gets to the phone. At least she appears to sound calm.]


Sophie Jenkins, is gone now. Her belongings are gone, I've checked.

I thought people should know.

[And with that she hangs up. You can call back or find her...

A. At home, sitting in her room with her knee's drawn up. Family the door is unlocked.

B. In the park, walking after a rolling piece of cheese that seems to wearing Tartan. It seems to be attempting to to chase squirrels.

C. In the library, at a table with a stack of books to flip through. She isn't really paying attention to them.]

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[Tiffany is having a rough month. She thought things were getting better now that Sophie was back but then Al was droned and then his brother and now....You can find Tiffany in a few places.

A. Coming out of Nanny's house, looking withdrawn and slightly miserable.

B. At home, in her room, door closed and locked./England is the worlds greatest role model on how to deal with emotional problems.

C. Walking through the town with her school books. She's quiet and you might just walk into her. She's rather hard to see at the moment.]

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[Tiifany Aching is a witch. She knows she shouldn't let her emotions control her. But it's hard not to as she sits in the park looking down at the Feegle who seems to think he's a dog now. She's already tried yelling at him and now is just sitting there quietly.

She's in a bit of a shock and will sit like this for a long time. A very long time. Family you may have to come looking for her.]