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 [Well another year, another fathers day. Tiffany left her gift for England on the kitchen table for whenever he came down. It was wrapped in a small box with a card next to it.

After that she goes to do some chores. Pretty much nothing has changed. Oh, well she felt a little more compelled to be happy and loving. Her thoughts liked to point that out. 

You can find her

A. Inside her house sweeping the floor.

B. 1670 Nelson street, outside her house watering some flowers. 

ooc: Fell free to come and bother her...]
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Has anyone noticed if fathers day is going the same way as mothers day?

[Action for England also has a gift for him]

Happy Fathers Day
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[Tiffany is all grown up at age 23. She's married to Alphonse Elric now, and works as a teacher]

Well another year another Christmas. England, Sophie I'll be coming by with your presents soon. And anyone one else I got gifts for. I'm sorry if they're a bit odd. [Aka: she made a few of them herself. Embriodery FTW]

[filtered to Al]
Al, do we have any plans with your family this year? I think England and Sophie would like us to come over at least once. ....I'll try to keep England from acting up.


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