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 [Tiffany is actually well versed with things trying to take over her mind. And with her second, third and fourth thoughts, she's fighting yet another battle in her head.


Alright. I know it's been said all day now by other panicked people. But it bears repeating. This is NOT our home. If you remember anything about your real home, quickly write it down on a piece of paper before you forget. 

Read that piece of paper, do whatever you can to remember your real home.  No matter what memories that you think you have about this place. Remember all the horrible things we've been through here. Go for a walk near the edge of the town. 
[She has to pause as she remembers going for a walk with Sophie and England as a little girl. This one needs even her fourth thoughts to bring her back to reality.]

....just remember this isn't your real home....
And....does anyone have anything for a headache?

iffany is sitting the on lawn of the house. She has a strange sentient cheese wheel in her lap trying to get her attention. Tiffany however doesn't seem to be moving much. In fact she seems to be in a trancelike...death like state.. 
There's a sign on her that reads. 
I am not dead] 
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[If you are walking by 1670 Nelson street you'll see a strange sight. There is a small girl with a witches pointed hat sitting on the grass. She is wearing some large sensible boots that seem out of place with her normal outfit.

Oh and she also appears to be dead.
However if you look closer you can see a sign clutched in her hands that reads

I am not dead!