witchofthechalk: (Channelling Heat)
 [Tiffany Aching, teenage witch of the Chalk has gotten two things back from the town. One of them is rather obvious.

Her broom. Which is why you can.

A. See a figure in a pointy hat flying high into the sky and around the town. It's been far too long since she's been able to escape like this...which is probably why...

B. Landing rather clumsily in front of you. She straightens her witches hat as she steadies herself.]

Sorry about that. I'm a little out of practise.

[And for anyone who's interested in her other regain.

C. Tiffany Aching is standing off to the side. Somewhere, a street, her house. She's holding her head and muttering under her breath. You might be able to catch some of what she's saying.]

I told you, for the last time. Stop it!