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Post Thirty Two: ....well I haven't been shot, so it's better then last year

 [Tiffany is actually well versed with things trying to take over her mind. And with her second, third and fourth thoughts, she's fighting yet another battle in her head.


Alright. I know it's been said all day now by other panicked people. But it bears repeating. This is NOT our home. If you remember anything about your real home, quickly write it down on a piece of paper before you forget. 

Read that piece of paper, do whatever you can to remember your real home.  No matter what memories that you think you have about this place. Remember all the horrible things we've been through here. Go for a walk near the edge of the town. 
[She has to pause as she remembers going for a walk with Sophie and England as a little girl. This one needs even her fourth thoughts to bring her back to reality.]

....just remember this isn't your real home....
And....does anyone have anything for a headache?

iffany is sitting the on lawn of the house. She has a strange sentient cheese wheel in her lap trying to get her attention. Tiffany however doesn't seem to be moving much. In fact she seems to be in a trancelike...death like state.. 
There's a sign on her that reads. 
I am not dead] 


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[Should she ever come out of that trance, there is a very concerned Hitler sitting next to her. He trusts her, so he won't try to wake her up. She probably knows what she's doing. But that doesn't stop him from worrying. And from trying to comfort aforementioned cheese wheel, if he can...]

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[She's actually walking around outside her body so when he comes and sits down she'll see him. A few moments later she blinks and begins breathing normally. The cheese has by this time moved itself onto Hitler's lap. Yay, attention.]

ah, sorry about that. I was just trying to clear my head a little.

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[That little cheese is starting to grow on him. It's like a puppy, almost. He jumps a little in surprise when she speaks. And let's out a breath he didn't even know he'd been holding.]

Tiffany! Are you okay? What happened?

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[Well it was like a Feegle and feegles were rather dog like in their ability to destroy everything and then manage to get out of it. She shakes her head and moves the sign off her neck.]

I'm fine Adolf. I was just stepping out of my body for a moment to try and see if that would help me focus more.

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Hmmm, didn't know she could do that...]

Did it? Help, that is?

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[She sighs.]

No, not really. I keep getting memories about growing up in this place.
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[He sounds frustrated and maybe a little scared.]

Tiffany... I don't... I don't know what's going on.

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[A deep breath before she tries to say anything about it being a nice day and a holiday.]

They are giving us fake memories. We were not born here.
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I know... I mean... [He trails off for a moment.]

I should know. Half of the time I know we're not supposed to be here but the other half I can't help but know that I've lived here all my life.

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Some people seem more affected then others.

I have clear memories of being here when I was five...and then I remember sitting with Granny and listening to the sheep.

Look at the things you have from home. That's what I'm doing when a memory of being here pops up.
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I... yeah. That's a really good idea.

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They were rather silly not taking them away. I'm not sure about you, but I'm fairly certain most people from this town aren't owners of sentient wheels of cheese.

That usually scares some logic into me.

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Tiffany, come back inside. Your mother's making dinner.

Why don't you play with your dolls for a while?

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[After a moment she'll walk over. ...England why is it so hard to tell if you're droned.]

Do you feel odd today England?

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I feel wonderful today. Why do you ask?

[pat pat pat pat pat pat]

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[Okay well he didn't seem to mind being called England. So maybe he's just in one of "those" moods again-

Oh gods, it was the 4th of July wasn't it.]

A few people are being affected by the town again. They think we've always lived here.


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... Do you think we've always lived here?

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Because I think we've always lived here.

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England if this is some joke it isn't funny.

No we have not always lived here.

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Considering that I still don't know how half the things in this world work, I think that's a pretty easy thing to remember. [Also the fact that he's only at 25% helps.]

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You would think. But I've already talked to people who think they've lived here their entire lives and I keep getting fake memories that I think are real.

The town being itself again.


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Yeah, I keep getting flashes of these weird memories too. Not that often, but enough that it's kind of disturbing. I guess I should be thankful that I don't have it as bad as some of the people I've been hearing.

Never forgives....nah we're good

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Mmm... it's really rather irritating.. It's like fighting a battle in your mind every-time you try to remember something.


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I think I'd rather face the dragon again. All this back-and-forth is giving me a bit of a headache, I'm afraid.

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Battles in your own mind are never fun.