witchofthechalk: (fryingpan)
Tiffany Aching ([personal profile] witchofthechalk) wrote2010-11-25 04:23 pm

Post Twenty Seven: A Clang Well Done

 [You know what shouldn't try to attack you? Roasted Turkey's, Tiffany was quite positive of this fact. Which is why she's rather irritated when the one delivered to her house jumps to life. 

She kills it quickly enough with a frying pan. Family. Feel free to walk in at any point of the drama.]

It's probably much too late. But watch out for the turkey being delivered. Mine at least was trying to attack me.

They're not particularly hard to kill though. I recommend a frying pan instead of a knife. Blunt force trauma works wonders and you don't have to get in as close. 

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