witchofthechalk: (Channelling Heat)
Tiffany Aching ([personal profile] witchofthechalk) wrote2010-11-12 12:00 am

Post Twenty Six: .....Time Skip

 [Forward dated to Friday morning. Did you enjoy your 24 hours of droned Tiffany household? I'm guessing no. Anyway while you were sleeping all the photo's changed and you'll notice your daughter looks a bit older. And when she wakes up this morning she notices she's back in this place. Not family feel free to hear her talking to herself in her room.]

-again. I can't believe they would just drag me back here.

[A pause]

Actually I can believe that. In fact I'm surprised they didn't drag me off before this. At least everyone at home should be fine without me for a while....though if time doesn't pause I hope someone remembers that Mrs.Lawson needs her bandages changed....

[And after a moment there is a teenage witch exploring the house to see how long she was gone. Feel free to have been listening at her door the entire time.]

[Phone call. Tiffany sounds a bit older now to anyone who knew her.]

Well that was a nice three years away from this place. Though I've been told it's only been a day here....time certainly works oddly in this place.

No matter. For those who didn't know me, I am Tiffany Aching, witch of the Chalk. I'm not sure if anyone knows what a witch from the Discworld does but I thought I'd offer my services up anyway since I'm going to have a great deal more free time here.

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