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Canon Update

Updated Background:

It has been three years since the last Tiffany Aching story. She is now sixteen years old and a fully fledged witch in her own right. She works hard and looks after the people of the Chalk. Unfortunately for her when she kissed the Wintersmith in the last book it woke something up. A witch finder from a thousand years ago is after her and he wants her to burn.

People are being turned against witches and are more inclined to believe the bad stories about them. When the old Baron dies Tiffany is even briefly accused of murdering him. She then goes to the city of Ankh Morpork to find the new Baron, Roland. Someone who she was once “close” with and is now rather awkward with. Especially since he is getting married.

They find that the ill will towards witches reaches all the way to the city and in the resulting chaos Tiffany meets the female wizard Eskarina. She tells her about the Cunning man that is trying to burn her and he is the strange presence that has been attacking her. She tells Tiffany his story.

Tiffany goes back to the Chalk to discover that the new Baron has ordered that the Feegle mound be dug up and that she is being accused of giving a girl to the fairies. She managed to sort out the chaos and goes to the castle. Roland’s new bride and her mother are there as well. She is put in the dungeon but later leaves that night to discover that Roland’s new bride Letitia is actually an untrained witch and they go to her library where they see the Cunning man twice.

The night before Roland and Letitia’s wedding the guests show up and a great many witches are there. They are there to kill Tiffany if she loses to the Cunning man. She knows that she has to do this alone or she will never be respected as a witch. The night before the wedding Tiffany, Roland, Letitia and a guard named Preston that Tiffany has made friends with, meet on a field that needs to be burned. Tiffany lures the Cunning man into the flames and defeats him.

Updated Personality:

Tiffany is even more determined and independent then she was before. She is a full time witch now and she is a witch who is alone, ie: The only witch in the Chalk (Her homeland) She is more certain and sure of herself and more prideful. She is an authority figure now, more so then before and she understands the fear, respect and duty that gives her. She is far more cynical as well as you see a great deal of horrible things as a witch. She is more resourceful and clever then she was before.

Basically three years has passed and she’s become a better witch then she was before.

Updated Abilities:
-Tiffany is able to hear words that people really want to say but don’t. This is called the spill words.
-She is able to take away pain
-She’s improved in other ways as a witch but these abilities are not magic.

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