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App for Atarax

Your Name: Katie
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Under 18? If yes, what is your age?: nope
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Characters Played at Ataraxion: Chell [Redacted] , Death (Discworld), Ai Enma

Name: Tiffany Aching
Canon: Discworld
Original or Alternate Universe: OU
Canon Point: End of I Shall Wear Midnight
Number: randomize me



Tiffany Aching lives in an area of the Discworld known as the Chalk. Her family has lived there for longer then anyone can remember and they are shepherds. She is the youngest daughter, with five older sisters and one younger brother. When she was nine her first adventure happened, but a few things before that are worth mentioning. When she was younger, she used to follow her Grandmother, Granny Aching, around and learned a lot from the woman who was the land's witch without realizing it. Her grandmother died when Tiffany was seven and she was the one who found the body,

When Tiffany was eight, the baron's son vanished and an old woman was blamed for it. They called her a witch, drove her from her home, stoned her cat and burned her home down. The woman lived until winter where she died from cold and starvation. Tiffany Aching saw this and decided she would become a witch, so that sort of thing never happened again.

When she was nine, she found a monster in the river and hit it with a frying pan. She was also discovered by Miss Tick, a witch finder who found girls who had promise to become witches. She told Tiffany that there was a school she could go to, to learn to be a witch and that the world was being invaded by another world. While she went to get help, she left Tiffany with a talking toad to help her. Tiffany also found a group of small pictsies called the Nac Mac Feegle who lived on the land and recognized her as the granddaughter of Granny Aching, the hag (witch) of the hills. When her brother was kidnapped by the fairy queen, Tiffany seeks help from the Feegles leader, the Kelda. She agrees as long as Tiffany temporarily takes over as Kelda as she is dying. Tiffany agrees to this, dodges the issue of actually marrying one of the Feegles and they set off to the fairy world. A world of dreams, which sounds great until you remember that dreams aren't always ...nice.

In the fairy world. Tiffany and the Feegles come across strange creatures called dromes that trap you inside dreams. As they search for Tiffany's brother they also discover the missing son of the Baron, Roland. Who has been inside the world for about a year. Eventually they find the Queen of the fairies who kidnaps children because they interest her and because she can. She is a Discworld elf after all and they are nasty creatures. Tiffany manages to hit her with her iron frying pan and make a run for it with her brother and Roland and the Feegles. Knowing they can't escape Tiffany gets them to run inside another drome/dream. Only this one is one from her head so she knows how it goes. They end up inside the picture on the wrapper of the tobacco Granny Aching used to smoke. A great sea with a lighthouse that they head to. First they are saved from a giant man eating whale (this one had more teeth then any decent whale should) by the Jolly Sailor on the package, and then the queen sends a wall of water after them. The Feegles have a hold of Tiffany's brother Wentworth and she only manages to pull herself and Roland out of the door.

After this she is alone with the Queen who mocks her for failing. However they are on the chalk and Tiffany finds she really has the land in her bones. She opens her eyes, and then opens her eyes again and gains perfect awareness of everything around her. Using the power of the Chalk and her own power to defeat the Queen and send her packing.

After this, she manages to close her eyes and regain her normal senses, aware that being that aware of everything all the time would drive her insane. The Feegles appear with her brother and she send Roland back to her house with Wentworth as she waits. She's then greeted by Miss Tick, Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax. The later who ends up bowing to her and giving her an invisible witches hat. She learns that there is no school to learn to be a witch and that it's just a metaphor for the real world.

Two years later, Tiffany goes away to train to be a witch under an older witch named Miss. Level. Miss Level is actually one person with two bodies. During the two years prior, Tiffany learnt a new trick that she calls "see me". She uses it instead of a mirror. What it actually is is called, borrowing and more importantly it involves stepping out of your body. Which sometimes attracts the attention of things. She doesn't realize it but as she travels, she is being hunted by a creature called a "hiver" something with no body or real mind of its own who takes over powerful bodies.

Meanwhile Tiffany learns that being a witch is mostly doing chores and helping people. She thinks she's doing poorly because she can't seem to learn any actual witchcraft but it is the meeting with the other witches her age that really sets things off. There she meets a witch in training named Annagramma who mocks her and acts like Tiffany is a child and a liar when she says she defeated the queen of the elves. When Tiffany mentions the hat Granny Weatherwax has given her, no one else can see it, and they all laugh at her. Running back in tears, Tiffany goes out of her body in an attempt to see the hat that doesn't seem to be there anymore. And at that moment, the hiver strikes and takes control of her.

The hiver controlled Tiffany is cruel and very powerful. She sets off to make plans and that is when the Feegles show up. Their new Kelda, knowing she was wrong to not send them after first hearing about the hiver, has sent them to protect Tiffany. However they reach her too late. They talk to Miss Level and try to make a plan while Tiffany is out buying things with stolen money with Annagramma. While at the shop Tiffany turns a person into a frog, which really shows why you shouldn't do that, because it leaves a large balloon shaped thing with the stuff that wouldn't fit into the frog shape. She turns him back but shows no emotion towards it. During this whole time, there are little moments of Tiffany Aching herself trying to break through to the people around her and make them realize she needs help.

After finding out Tiffany stole money from an old man in the village, Miss Level confronts hiver controlled Tiffany. However it's right after Tiffany briefly gained and then lost control of her body from the hiver again. In the fear and confusion of that and being confronted, the hiver lashes out and kills Miss Level. Luckily she has another body. Tiffany falls unconscious after this and from the safe spot in her mind, manages to tell the Feegles, who entered looking for her, what to bring to her. They bring her three things that remind her of home. Jolly Sailor Tobacco, Turpentine and sheep wool. They get some and when they bring it, it makes Tiffany strong enough to fight back and throw the hiver out of her mind.

When she wakes up she finds someone forcing her to do chores and other things, trying to straighten out that she is Tiffany Aching and not any of the other personalities that the hiver has picked up over the years. This takes a while but she starts to come to and realizes that it is Granny Weatherwax that is the one who arrived to help. Tiffany realizes that the hiver is still out there lurking and she will need to face it again. This happens a little later when the go to the witch trials (more a day at the fair, not the ones we have) and Tiffany realizes that since there is now a part of her inside the hiver she knows what it wants. It wants to die. So she helps it. Not as that might sound, in a cruel way by killing it. But by welcoming it, promising it that it will be safe and showing it to the desert and naming it. She lets him, go across the desert and after briefly meeting Death, resigns herself to being stuck forever before Granny shows up, tells her not to be a fool and leads her out.

Two years latter, Tiffany is studying with a witch named Miss Treason. The old woman takes her to see a dark Morris dance, which is a dance which welcomes winter and not summer. She does something foolish and joins the dance, and ends up attracting the attention of the unseen dancers. The Wintersmith and the Summer Lady. The Wintersmith is the one with the most interest in her and he starts to try and court her, thinking she is the Summer Lady. This starts with snowflakes with her face on them. Miss Treason then informs Tiffany that she is going to die soon (all witches know "when" their time will come) and that Tiffany will have to leave the cottage as it will go to a new witch. That witch turns out to be Annagramma who is the eldest of the younger witches. She is also studying magik (spelling intentional) under Mrs. Earwig, a women directly opposed to Granny Weatherwax's style of witchcraft.

The Wintersmith starts giving her more "gifts" and after Miss Treason dies, Tiffany travels to Nanny Ogg's house where they discover her feet are starting to show magical properties. They make plants grow. Tiffany it seems is starting to take on some of the characteristics of the Summer Lady as she is drawn into the story of the seasons. It should be mentioned of course that the Feegle have been with her through all of this as the Kelda had visions of a terrible winter and wants to make sure Tiffany and the land is safe.

Tiffany ends up helping Annagramma and getting the other young witches to help the girl as well as she is totally out of her depth in the cottage. She helps her even knowing that Granny Weatherwax planned the whole thing so that people see that her style (Tiffany and the other girls) of witchcraft is better then Mrs. Earwigs.

As the winter gets worse and worse Tiffany is eventually sent home to the Chalk. There she finds the necklace she'd once thrown away to stop the Wintersmith from tracking her and he confront her. Now believing himself to be human as he has gathered everything from a song entitled" how to make a man" While she confronts him, the Feegles take Roland underground to be the hero and rescue the Summer Lady.

Tiffany has to explain to the Wintersmith that he is an elemental and he will never be human. Seeing that if he is a human, he is a human that has never been around people, and that he is so mad he doesn't even realize that he is. She kisses him and draws down the sun, melting the winter and bringing back the spring time.

She then meets the Summer Lady, recently rescued, who looks very much like her and declines any reward as it was her own mistake that started the mess. She gets a warning and goes back to her life. Granny then takes her to a normal Morris dance where she sees the Wintersmith one more time and gives him a ring made out of the nail that was once his heart. She then asks Granny Weatherwax to teach her how to take away pain.

A few years later, nearly sixteen year old Tiffany Aching is a witch in full standing on the Chalk. She had something that may have been a type of "relationship" with Roland but that was in the past now and ended somewhat rockily. People have started speaking out against witches again and Tiffany is being worked to the bone in her day to day life as a witch. The night after a large festival things take a turn for the dark when a man beats up his thirteen year old daughter forcing her to miscarry the child she was pregnant with. The girl Amber is taken to the Kelda to look after and Tiffany manages to throw Mr. Peaty out before he is taken by a lynch mob. She does not want people to lose their livelihood over his death.

The baron then dies while she is taking away his pain, something she normally does for him as he has been sick a long time. After being briefly blamed for his death by a rather nasty nurse, Tiffany agrees to go find the new Baron, Roland and his bethrothed, a girl named Letitia in Ankh-Morpork. She takes the Feegles with her, because they are good at finding people and possibly because she doesn't realize how many pubs there are in the city. While they look she goes and finds a city witch to help her repair her broom, that a feegle set on fire while they were flying. On the way to the city while helping a man they'd crashed into after that fire incident and she comes across a man with no eyes who reeks of ...well evil. She comes across him again after finding the feegles with the city witch Mrs. Proust and he seems to turn the crowd against them.

Tiffany and the Feegles are then arrested by the watch, or rather put under protective custody by watchmen who know more then they let on about how the world works. She spends the night there and talks to Mrs. Proust about the fact that she woke up something when she kissed winter. That something is called the Cunning Man.

The next day they are freed from jail, on the account of the pub being mysteriously fixed up over night (cough, feegles, cough) She is taken from the streets by a Eskerina Smith, the only woman to become a wizard. She warns Tiffany about the Cunning Man. A man who once burned witches and became so evil over the years that he lived on after death in the form of something not human. He goes where he is welcome and starts the hatred towards witches whenever he can. And he always goes after a young witch with power. This time he chose Tiffany.

She barely manages to escape and returns to the Chalk with the Feegles. There she discovers the baron has ordered men to bring back the girl Amber that people believe Tiffany has "given" to the fairies. In reality she is being looked after by the Kelda and the guards are only spared death by Feegle by Tiffany being able to talk them down from attacking humans with shovels in front of their mound.

She is taken to the castle and after meeting with Roland, who all but calls her a silly girl, she explains things as best she can and takes Amber home with her. She once again sees another omen, a hare jumping into the fire. Something that has been popping up since she saw the baron die.

The next day she ends up in the castle again, gets in the fight with the Duchess (Letita's mother), stops her from hitting a young guard named Preston and has a conversation with him where she learns he likes words almost as much as her. Later that day the castle cook is drunk and yells at Tiffany, blaming her for the Baron's death and ranting. Just as she wishes the ground to swallow up on Tiffany, she falls and breaks her neck. Tiffany is of course, blamed for this as well.

She is taken to Roland and after they try to get her to leave the Chalk she refuses and demands a fair trail and a lawyer and charges. She then locks herself up in the dungeon and runs into Letita who comes down crying and not quite saying she's responsible for Tiffany's situation. After the duchess and Roland come down and accuse her of enchanting Letita, Tiffany waits until dark and goes to talk to the girl. She discovers then that Letita is an girl with witch potential who has been casting a spell on Tiffany because she was jealous of her. They go to Letita's home and she discovers that the girl has been doing the magic in the library near the book written by the Cunning Man. This is why he was able to find Tiffany so quickly.

They go back to the castle and Letita tells Roland about her magic and that Tiffany is not to blame for anything. As they get ready to have a funeral and then a wedding, Tiffany knows that the Cunning Man is still out there and after her. The night before the wedding, all the guests, including Nanny Ogg, Granny Weatherwax, Magrat (Queen of neighboring Lancre, and witch) are there. To top it off, three more witches lead by Mrs. Proust arrive as well. Mrs. Proust to warn Tiffany that the Cunning Man has taken a body for himself.

Tiffany realizes that the witches are also there to kill her if the Cunning Man wins their encounter. She refuses to ask for their help though, knowing that she will lose the respect of her fellow witches if she does.

She goes out at midnight with Preston, who refuses to stay back and needs to search for Roland, who was out on his stag night and currently tied to a post somewhere with pigs. They find Letitia out there as well and Tiffany sets a plan to destroy the Cunning Man. In one of the fields that needs to be burned she lures the Cunning Man and his body over and sets him on fire. He burns and she also marries Roland to Letitia as they jump over the fire.

The next day Tiffany declines the reward left to her by the old Baron and instead asks it to be used for a few things. Like paying for Amber's dowry to her young man, for the Chalk to get a proper school, Preston to become a teacher and then be able to go off and become a doctor. And that the Feegles be given the land they've always lived in, but legally. She then meets the figure she's been seeing in passing with the hare and the fire. It's herself, using time travel from Eskerina.

A year later, Tiffany is at the fair, now sixteen. She gets a black dress from Amber's husband and a gold hare necklace from Preston. He asks her what the sound of love is. And she tells him to listen.


And then a little after that she's going to end up on a spaceship and be really annoyed. Still gave her that one good memory at least.


Some people say that you cannot get good witches on soft ground. That you need good firm rocks beneath them. Because of this people thought that if a witch came from the Chalk they would be weak. That the ground is soft there. However they forget that underneath the turf and the chalk is flint. Tiffany Aching's core is flint and flint is stronger then stone.

The first thing you should know about Tiffany is that she wasn't supposed to be a witch. All she had was a talent for making cheese, which while nice isn't much of a use in witchcraft. However as stated in the history section when she was eight she saw a women turned out of her house and left to die. At that moment Tiffany decided to become a witch and there was nothing in the world that was going to stop her. She took the world and forced it to let her become a witch. She is determined and stubborn. And after working to become a witch, she is very powerful.

Tiffany Aching is a witch. What does this mean? Well it means that she looks out for the people with no voices, she takes care of the people that others forget about and she spends most of her time caring for others. It's time consuming work and many non witches don't understand why she does it. She does it, because someone has to, and she's decided that someone is her. When she was little she realized she was selfish, most witches are, and she decided to use that to her advantage. She went to rescue her little brother not because she liked him, but because he was "hers". She found the strength to save the Chalk because they were her people, was her land and how dare anyone try to take or hurt them because they were her's.

Also like a witch, Tiffany Aching is brave. She stands up to the Queen of the elves, a hiver, the Wintersmith, Summer Lady, a duchess, witches and herself when she needs to. She considers herself friends with Granny Weatherwax one of the most feared witches on the Disc and is even the one who gave her, her kitten "You". Tiffany is also proud. To an almost sinful degree as being a witch is riding that line between overconfident and knowing what you can do. She refuses to ask for help against the Cunning Man because she would lose face if she asked for help from the older witches. She would rather die then be pitied.

Tiffany Aching is the kind of person who read the dictionary all the way through when she was little, simply because no one told her she wasn't supposed to. She loves books and words. She reads quickly and likes to imagine what certain words would sound like. Her favourite word is susurration. She bonds with Preston over words and the meanings of them, each of them coming up with different things that words would sound like.

Despite being prideful and sometimes selfish, Tiffany often finds it hard to dislike people because her second, third and sometimes fourth thoughts point out things she might miss. Like when she's being too cruel in her head towards Letitia because she used to be in a relationship with Roland, her thoughts point out that they're starting to sound petty. She also sees behind most peoples masks and when Annagramma needs help she helps her despite how cruel the girl has been. Because it's the right thing to do and also because she realizes Annagramma is terrified of failing.

Tiffany is linked with her land, the Chalk, just like Granny Aching was. She has the land in her bones. When the feegles went inside her mind they found the Chalk. They also discovered that she was hiding from the hiver as the very ground itself in her mind. She tells the land what it is, and the land tells her what she is. When it comes down to it, she speaks for the Chalk. Being on a space ship is going to make her incredibly homesick and also a little lost.

She's also used to having no privacy because Feegles are usually always around her. It's going to be strange to not have them there.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations:
-She's very good at making cheese

-1st sight : She can see what's really there

-2nd, 3rd and 4th thoughts: Thoughts about thinking, and thinking about thinking and etc : Mostly voices in her head.

-Translation: Thanks to a ghostly wizards voice that lives in her head she can translate most languages from the disc 

-Heat manipulation: She can transfer heat

-Pain manipulation : She can also move pain out of things

-Borrow: She can step out of her body for short periods of time.

-Fading from view: She can mentally adjust herself so that no one but a powerful witch can notice her.

-Connection to the Chalk - She has something of a link to the lands of the Chalk itself and can draw power from it. As she will be away from her land, she won't have her link to it here.

-Hearing spill words - She can hear words people are just on the verge of saying but don't for one reason or another. This will have a permission post

-She's very proud and sometimes selfish
-She's human and she makes mistakes. The last three books are all her fixing things she's caused after all.
-She's young and still learning, despite being a full witch
-She knows nothing about technology that is not from the disc. So anything involving electricity and the like is out for her.

- 1 Green dress and 1 Blue dress
- 1 Witches hat
- 1 Pair of boots
- 1 Golden Hare necklace
- 1 Brown cloak
- 1 Iron Poker


Sixteen years old. Brown hair and brown eyes. She wears green and blue, the colour of her land, more then black. She always wears sensible boots.

Age: 16

Log Sample:

She falls to the floor covered in a strange liquid and her thoughts swarm in her head. Her first thoughts have the where am I, what's going on, aura about them. Second thoughts point out she's currently bereft of clothing. Third thoughts point out the floor is cold and dizziness would be helped if she stood up slowly. But they're all drowned out by the rare fourth thoughts that make themselves heard over it all.

'You are not on the Chalk.'

She can't feel the hills anymore and as she finally starts paying attention to her third thoughts and gets slowly to her feet and rights herself, she can feel the absence of that. She stores that away as she watches the people nearby pay no attention to her as they follow what seems to be a familiar routine. There are a few people who look as confused as she feels, but she doesn't go over to them. Not yet. Not when she's in no state to help anyone.

Instead she straightens up and follows the strange people to a place where water seems to fall from the walls. She cleans herself off and it doesn't take long for her to match the number on her arm to a metal closet. It has to be the right one as when she opens it, her hands immediately find her clothing and she dresses herself. Being a witch was hard enough with people asking questions about dancing without drawers on, she didn't want to encourage that line of thought here....wherever that was.

After getting the clothes on, she slows down so she can think more clearly. She's been taken somewhere, somewhere with strange people walking around as though they were used to this, mixed with confused people who had no idea what was going on. Surrounded by strange technology that didn't seem magical in nature. Fixing her boots she then reaches up and grasps a familiar and welcome sight. She was a witch, even here. Placing the pointed hat on her head, she closes the door and sets off to find more answers.

Comms Sample:

[Tiffany manages to flick the video on. She's not used to technology so it takes a while but it seems to be working now. She keeps her expression neutral. Though with folded arms it's not hard to tell she's not pleased.]

If anyone happens to see one or two...or a mob of small blue men, most likely drinking, fighting and or stealing, I'd be grateful if you send them in my direction. Room number # . And you can tell them Tiffany Aching is waiting for an explanation and it had better be a good one.

Also if they've gotten into anything, tell me and I'll see if I can get them to fix it, return it, or in the very least apologize for it.

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