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Tiffany Aching ([personal profile] witchofthechalk) wrote2011-04-06 04:04 pm
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General Information


- Her second and third thoughts
- Her horse necklace
- Her borrowing powers
- Her pointed hat and boots
- Her magical self concealment back
- Her little box of things that remind her of home (ex: tobacco wrapper, sheep’s wool)
- Two of her dresses from home back.
- The China Shepherdess
- Her ability to remove pain
- Her Broomstick
- The ghostly wizard’s voice that resides in her head and translates any foreign word she reads or hears.
- The four books that made up her library at home
- The book Letitia gave her
- Her frying pan
- Her ability to hear "spill words" back. These are the things people just stop short of saying.
- Her fireplace poker
- Her black dress.
- Her gold hare necklace