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Post Thirty Four: ...Goodbye

[She found Sophie smile a little too fixed on then normal. Which while odd, wasn't utterly disturbing. After all droning's happened. Still she looked for her things just to make sure.

.....they were gone.

Oh. ....she knew it was always a possibility. But Sophie had always been here. She'd been here before Tiffany arrived and she'd never left. Knowing what she has to do. Tiffany steels herself and reminds herself that she is a witch. She's calm when she gets to the phone. At least she appears to sound calm.]


Sophie Jenkins, is gone now. Her belongings are gone, I've checked.

I thought people should know.

[And with that she hangs up. You can call back or find her...

A. At home, sitting in her room with her knee's drawn up. Family the door is unlocked.

B. In the park, walking after a rolling piece of cheese that seems to wearing Tartan. It seems to be attempting to to chase squirrels.

C. In the library, at a table with a stack of books to flip through. She isn't really paying attention to them.]

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[Sealand doesn't go in the library that often, but he's here today, poking through comic books when he sees Tiffany.]

What're you reading?

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[Tiffany just flips through a few pages.]

...a cookbook.

...I think.
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[Sealand climbs up onto the table. Yeah, he's using the table to sit on.]

Cookbooks are kind of boring to read.

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They are.

[Normally she'd say something. But witch or not, she feels like moping.]

But there's not really many other books here.
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[Sealand offers a comic book!]

It's pretty good, it's about superheroes.

[This is sort of like comfort okay.]

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[ Ilsa is fascinated by the ambulatory dairy product, and only catches sight of Tiffany after the cheese dashes back to her. ]

Hey. Heard your phone call this morning. Was she a good friend of yours?

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[Horace meanwhile is chasing another squirrel.]

She was my mother here actually. For over two years now.
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I'm sorry to hear that. [ Ilsa touches Tiffany's shoulder lightly. ] Do you have someone else aware in the house with you?

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Yes. England and Tavros are still there.
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That's good, you have someone to help keep you grounded. [ Ilsa tilts her head, remembering that Tiffany has a riding broom. ] So to speak.

That doesn't make it much easier, does it?

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[watches the cheese roll around with an amused look on his face]

I've seen a lot of different uses of magic, but that's got to be one of the weirder ones. Unless all the cheese in the future is sentient? [beat] Please say no, I've eaten quite a bit of it by now.

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[Looks over and has to smile at that.]

No, it's not. This is Horace. I made him accidently when I was younger.

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[winces a little] I've been there before. Can't say any of my accidents turned out to be as cool as a pet cheese, though.

[waves at Horace] Hullo, Horace. How are you doing? Enjoying the weather?

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[The cheese makes a grunting noises, which is only disturbing when you realize there's no mouth.]

Well he was actually more or less adopted by the clan of Feegle that live near me. But he arrived here, so I'm back to looking after him again.

[Horace however is displeased as he is clearly the one looking after her.]

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[He doesn't look that surprised by the grunting, just interested.] Can he actually talk?

Feegles? I don't think I've ever heard of those before.

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[Ah, Granny. Tiffany tries to look more in control of herself. Meanwhile Horace continues to try and chase a squirrel.]

Hello Granny.

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He's not like to find the animals here satisfying.

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He doesn't. But he's rather forgetful. I think he just likes chasing them.

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You take him squirrel chasing often?

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A - ugh sorry my connection will be bad for the next few days but i cannot not leave this here!!!!

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[knocking on the door...]

totally fine, backtagging will be love

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You can come in.

[And she'll be sitting on the side of her bed, rearranging some books. Not sulking...cleaning.]

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So... you know.

That's good, saves the awkward conversation. I mean, it'd be awkward. Very empty. And awkward, can't... can't stop talking about the awkward, aha... How... How are you?

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[Looks down and then puts a book to the side.]

...Empty and awkward work I think.

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[awkwardly standing there at the doorway]

... Do you need help? I'm good at... that. Whatever that is. I'm good at it.